The Study Status Manager is used to process an exam from the waiting room to the scanned stage. It is important to follow all the steps in this process.

A study can have any of the following status values;

  • Booked
  • Waiting
  • Scanning
  • Scanned
  • Dictated
  • Typed
  • Signed
  • Completed (sent)
  • Cancelled
  • No Show

It is important to follow the steps in each case to confirm that no patients exams are missed from the process. All patients booked for any particular day should be at least at a Scanned, Cancelled or No Show stage at the end of the day. By tracking the status codes, no patient exam should ever be missed.

Patient entries in the lists can be dragged from one list to the next to change the status. Most patients go from Waiting to Scanning to Scanned and this process is controlled by the sonographer.

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