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Personal Health Information Management

seeMyHealth is a tool to let you take control of the information about your health.

What can I do with seeMyHealth?

  • track activities, exercise, workouts, etc
  • track health measurements, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar etc
  • store medical reports
  • store appointments, get reminders
  • store your radiology, x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs etc

You can get data from devices such as your iPhone, dedicated devices or enter them manually.

You can make sure that your records are accurate and have them available even when you don’t have a regular doctor, are visiting a specialist or travelling. All your data is automatically backed up and cannot be lost even if your devices are lost, damaged or stolen.

This application is useful for people who want to keep all their information at hand rather than relying on other parties to do it.

If you use several doctors, must visit different providers or have complex health issues, this application can help you make sure that
everyone has all of your medical information when they need it.

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