The main window provides a central access point to organize the different types of information you can track.

It looks like this;

Here you have tabs for the various types of data you can store in your system.

Click on the tabs to see information in that category. They are “Records”, “Activities”, “Nutrition”, “Other”, “Goals” and “Notes”.

The first tab shows health records. These can come from two sources; you can enter them manually or from Apple’s Health App. We will add support for other public formats in the future.
When you click on this tab you can see a list of all the records that you have entered in your system. Here is a sample;


1 - loading radiology from CD, disc drive or thumb drive
2 - viewing radiology cases
3 - entering appointments
4 - entering visit results
5 - setting up reminders
6 - how to download iPhone Health App data
7 - loading Health App data into seeMyHealth
8 - viewing doctors reports