Making your health diary with SeeMyHealth

Information you can enter;
When the app starts a dashboard window opens to give quick access to the main sections of the program.
This window provides a central access point to organize the different types of information you can track.

It looks like this;

cms main screen

Here you have icons for the various sections in the application for storying different types of data in your system.

Click on the icons to see information in that category.

Activities is used to store the exercises and workouts that you do. The data in this category can be entered manually or imported from your iPhone.

Records is used to store doctor visits, radiology exams, blood tests and so on. Reports from your doctor are also stored here. This section is very important for keeping a good sense of your medical treatments.

Notes seems like a simple idea, but it is always a good idea to keep notes of your medical status, your questions, concerns and plans. Over time these can help make changes that you want to achieve.

Appointments is a place to keep a record of past and upcoming appointments with doctors, physios, counsellors, test labs etc. This tool gives you a way to record questions that you want to ask and the things that you find out.

Measurements can be used to keep track of a variety of medical indicators, everything from weight, BMI, amount of sleep we are getting and so on. Just being aware of these numbers can be a first step in
improving our health.

Here are instructions for each category;


selecting data to track. (Start here)
entering data items manually
loading radiology from CD, disc drive or thumb drive
viewing radiology cases
entering appointments
entering visit results
setting up reminders
download iPhone Health Data
viewing doctors reports

This section shows you the technical aspects of how to enter information into your system. How to use your health information is discussed further