Loading Health App Data

Once data has been exported from the Health App you can load it into seeMyHealth.

TEST VERSION : Make a new folder on your Mac in the Documents folder. Rename the new folder to “seeMyHealth”.

Drag the folder “apple_health_data” from the folder “seeMyHealth” on iCloud over to your Mac and put it inside “seeMyHealth”

To load the data, launch the seeMyHealth application and select Preferences under the “seeMyHealth” menu.
The preferences window will appear;


Click the “Load Health App Data” button. The data will be loaded into the application. This can cake a couple of minutes.
As long as the Load button is highlighted, the data will be loading. When it is finished, click the “Done” button and the window will close.

Click on the activities tab in the main window and you will see all of the categories of data that your phone has collected. It could look like this but will depend on your iPhone and your activities.