Starting the Application

The application requires that a server be setup and running. This is usually done by someone else. If it is running and ready you can run cmsMedical.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 1.59.11 PM

The icon for the application will look like this. The version numbers might be different. Make sure that you have the latest version of the application. You can find out by contacting technical support.

Before the application can show images, the server drives which store images must be mounted on your workstation. The application can only get the images to display and send if you connect the workstation to the server. This is called “mounting the images drive”. The images drive in your clinic are named and you need to find out the names from technical support. You can see an icon for images drives on your desktop only when they are mounted. If they are not there, then the application cannot show you images. To mount the images drive(s) you need to

1 - In the Finder, choose the “Go” menu.
2 - Under the Go menu, select the “Connect to Server…” menu item.
When you select it, a window will open with the title “Connect to Server”,
3 - enter “afp://” in the box at the top of the window (if it is not there).
4 - then click “Connect”.  This will open a small window saying “Connecting,….”
5 - when it is done it will open a new window with a list of drives that you can mount. Click on all the images drives on your server.

If this does not happen, the server is off or the network is disconnected. Once you have clicked on the drives click OK.

Icons for the images drives now will appear on your desktop. You can now start the application “cmsMedical” by double clicking.

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