This screen gives you a look at the number of data points stored in your Health app database. You can choose which data items to transfer to your Mac with the seeMyHealth app. To use this screen you must have seeMyHealth running on your Mac. The iPhone will look for the Mac and seeMyHealth. If it can't find it, you will not be able to send. When the app finds a Mac, it will change the colour of the heart icon from grey to red. When it is red, you can send. The same icon on the Mac will turn red to indicate that it is ready to accept data.

On the seeMyHealth main screen (Dashboard) you can see if the phone is connected. This example shows my phone name, yours will be different. If your phone name does not appear there, you cannot send data. Try restarting both applications.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.34.42 PM
You can click on the checkbox to select data in the Health app. The number of items of that type will be sent to your Mac.

When you have selected all the items you want, Select "Get This year" or "Get Everything" and then click on "Click to Start Sending to Mac". Depending on the amount of data, the loading may take some time. The Status field will indicate the status of the data transfer process. You can do as many or as few as you wish. You may want to try one data item to try the application. If you have already selected data items to track in the seeMyHealth Mac app, they will already be selected the first time that you open this screen. If you add or select new items here, they will be changed on the Mac app on the next launch.

Each time you use the app only the new data is loaded. You can update the data whenever you need. Only the data loaded the last time that you use the app will be available in seeMyHealth.

The first time that a particular data item is accessed, you will have to grant access to seeMyHealth to allow it to get the data from your Health app. Turn on all the data items that you want to view on your Mac.

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You can select the data types to download from the seeMyHealth desktop app.