Using Your Health Data.

Once you have started keeping your data organized you can start to benefit from having the data at hand.

We'll review the way to use the various sections of the application to;

  • appointments
  • track physical progress in fitness
  • track metrics
  • use care plans

Your doctor will be in the best possible position to help you when they have as much information about you as possible. The application makes it easy for you to have everything at hand when you go. This can include all your current and past medications, radiology and repots.

In addition, when you make an appointment, it's a good idea to write down the questions that you want to ask the doctor. That way you won't forget anything if you are feeling rushed.

The program also has space for you to write down what you hear from the doctor. It might seem easy to remember what they say at the time but it helps to have it all down so that you can review it later. If you can't take the application with you, use your iPhone to record the session or use the dictation mode to record the text directly into your appointment record. All your notes will immediately be stored and you can view them from your Mac when you get home.

Physical Progress

The program can store your walks, workouts, bike rides, swims etc. You can just use the charts to see that you are keeping up with your goals, or if you are skipping too many days. The feedback from seeing your progress can help motivate you to keep it up.


Metrics are the numbers for things like your weight, blood pressure, breath capacity etc. There are many. Keeping this data can be just for feedback or for providing information for your doctor. The app can get these figures directly from your iPhone if you have connected devices or you can type them into your Mac yourself.

Using devices to get data can give you an overview of your health that has been difficult or impossible in the past. Look here for more information about how to use devices with seeMyHealth.