Care Plans have been used in nursing for many years. Now we are providing the tools for you to make your own personal care plans to help you deal with specific medical issues. In addition to helping to make sure that you take all the steps your doctor recommends, the care plan will help you recognize patterns and provide a way to look at past events to see what works best for you.

Care plans have three types of entries but you can use only what you need. The three things we can manage are;

- medications
- activities
- measurements

A care plan has a specific time frame which you select. Within that time frame you will schedule the three types of things that you need to do which comprise the care plan. So, for example you might need to take one or more medications, check your temperature and blood pressure, do some specific exercises. Each of these can have its own schedule. The care plan can take care of each of these for you. You can also take notes about your goals, doctor's instructions, or your own observations which might be useful to yourself later or that you want to communicate with your doctor.

To create a new care plan, click on the Records panel in the dashboard;


This will open the Records window;

top of records

Click "Add New Record" in the top left corner and the new records panel will open;

new care plan 1

From the "Record Type" popup menu select "Care Plan".
new care plan 2

Enter a description and then click Save and your new Care Plan will be created. You can enter the rest of the data later.

When you click Save, the entry panel will close and your new care plan will be listed at the top of your records window.

updated records

Next we'll cover making entries to your care plan