Tracking your Peak Expiratory Flow, Forced Expiratory Volume and FVC

This page will walk you through the procedure to track your PEF, PEV1 and FVC. The same process can be used to track other measurements that you may want to track. If you use a digital asthma monitor which works with your iPhone, you can store all your readings automatically and use our iPhone app to transfer them to your Mac. (Transferring Data from iPhone)

First you have to tell seeMyHealth that you want to track these measurements. This will tell the application to create an entry in your personal database for the temperature readings. Go to the Preferences menu item (found under the seeMyHealth menu). Here you can see type types of data you can track with seeMyHealth. If you don't see "Peak Expiratory Flow Rate" on the list, scroll down the list;

tracking screen 2

Click twice on "Peak Expiratory Flow Rate", "Forced Vital Capacity" and "Forced Expiratory Volume" and the select columns will change to "Tracking".