Albums (for Slideshows)

When you click “Play” the paintings in the selectedalbum will be displayed full screen. They will stay on screen for a set amount of time and then switch to the next image in the set. You can control the time between changes by selecting Preferences menu item under the IAmTheCurator menu. Set the time you want and then click the “Close” button.


Click the + sign under the “Groups” list to create a new set of painters. Type the name you want and then click “Save”.
Now click on the “All Painters” set. The full list of all your painters will be displayed in the middle box. You can drag any painter from that list and drop it on any of the sets of painters that you have created. From then on when you select that set of painters, you will see only the painters in that set.

This provides a simple way to view images belonging to a small set of painters. You can add or delete these sets at any time.

Painter Information

If you double click on a painter’s name, a panel will open to display information about the selected painter. You can enter notes in the panel or edit the name fields. There is also a field for the ULAN. The ULAN is a universal identifier for artists maintained by the Getty. By using a universal identifier you can be sure to have a correct single record for each painter. Painters may have various spellings for their names or be referred to by a name different from their birth name. If you click the Open button, your browser will open the Getty record for the selected painter (if they have a ULAN number). The “Open Getty” button will just open the Getty search page for their free art scans. This is a good place to start building your gallery.

Painting Information

Select the “Show Painting Information” menu from the View menu to see data about a particular painting.

Free art web sites

Several sites offer artwork in digital format that you can download to your gallery.

Here are some to get you started;

The Getty -
Getty Search
The RijksMuseum -
Rijks Browse
The Web Gallery of Art in Hungary -
The Smithsonian -
Simthsonian American Art Museum
The Art Renewal Center -
Google Images -
Google (just type the painters name)
Wallpapers -
Wallpapers Index

To use them, select the painter you want first, then open the web site. When you have a painting that you like you can drag it directly to the main viewing area on the application. Some sites, like the Getty require that you download the images to your computer first. Just drag them from your drive to the application to add them to you gallery. In this case you can then delete the downloaded image, a separate copy will be kept in the gallery database.

Art home page.