The Patient Viewer

The Patient Viewer tries to make it possible to view patient data with as few mouse clicks as possible. It is designed for use on a large screen. See the example below.
The viewer allows you to search for a patient by name or MID in the search box in the left most panel. The button to the right of the search box will display any patients booked for exams today.
Once you have selected patient (single click in the list) the patient’s demographics will immediately be displayed in the second panel (from the left) and their chart (patient records) will be displayed in the third panel.
Notice that the second panel is tabbed, you can select a tab (Patient, Address, Notes, OB Data, Misc) by clicking once on the tab. You can edit any data in the patients information in any of these tabs.
The third panel shows all the entires in this patient’s folder. If you click once on any entry in this list, the contents of that item will be displayed immediately in the fourth (last) panel. If the item selected is a radiology exam the images will be displayed in the lower half of the viewer immediately. By selecting another item in the patient’s folder you can display other items and the relative panels will be updated immediately.
If any panel is too large for the display, you can drag the divider between the top and bottom halves of the screen to see the full size panel. You can also resize the window to use your computers
full screen.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.58.07 PM