The sender is a tool to transfer exams from your system to another DICOM system.

The window lets you see exams in your system and put them into a queue for sending. The top table shows you exams within your system. You can choose to see exams from any date, but by default only today’s exams will be listed. The bottom list shows transfer requests. When you double click on an exam in the study table (top) the software will create a transfer request for that exam. This does *not* send the exam, only create a request for it.

You need to tell the software separately when to send the exams which are in the transfer list (bottom table). To send cases, first select the destination form the popup menu called “Remote Site”. In the example below, the “AIM Broadway” office is selected already. When you start the sender each time, it will *not* be selected automatically. You cannot send cases until you select the destination.

When you select the destination, the app will test the connection immediately. The connection status will be displayed after “Status :”. If the status is not “service accessible”, then you will *NOT* be able to send cases.

When the status is “accessible” then you can click the “Start” button and the sender will start to send images to the remote PACS.

When the cases in the list are sent the status will be set to “Sent” and the list will be reloaded.

You can check previous days by changing the dates for the transfer table.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 4.04.27 PM